SportAnalytik is a program designed for children aged 5-16, using nine simple tests to identify their physical skills and recommend the right sport for them. During the half-day sport event, children take part in nine entertaining sport tests to reveal their somatotype, sport dispositions and strengths like coordination, speed, power, endurance or tactical skills.

We make an individual assessment for each child and then compare it with individual sports requirements. As a result, we identify the sport talent of each child and we provide him/her with a customized report of suitable sports (including contacts to sport teams and clubs).

We cooperated on the SportAnalytik methodology Dr. Tomas Peric, Ph.D. from the Faculty of Physical Education and Sport, Charles University Prague, international expert in this field, and we are constantly working together on its optimization and improvement. The disciplines were chosen to cover the main areas of physical skills – strength, endurance, speed, coordination, flexibility, and their combination. All the tests have been designed to have a high score of reliability and validity, so they measure what is expected and measure it reliably.

It is not the aim of SportAnalytik to select professional athletes, but to bring joy to every child by discovering their sport talent.

Testing child’s motoric skills, somatotype and tactical skills
by 9 tests


Tactical skills








Ondrej Synek Dad and double olympic medal winner
"Older daughter Alice will be five next year, so I am interested to see what sport will the testing recommend. Naturally, I will support both kids in the activity they like"
Filip Jicha Handball Player of the year 2010, THW Kiel
Participants of this year's Handball camp were tested for their natural predispositions for the sport. The tests showed them areas where they need to train more, which is additional value of this project, which I like"
doc. PaedDr. Tomas Peric, Ph.D. Department Head, author of "Selection of sport talents"
"I have pursued the area of sport talent selection for 25 years and SportAnalytik is a neat project for the general public, that leverages talent identification methodology derived using the scientific method"

Tailored made reports with results
for each child