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At SportAnalytik, we’re massive sports enthusiasts above all else. We believe sport can be a source of positive emotion in children’s lives, and should therefore be an integral part of their development. However, recent depressing data reveals how children are becoming more obese and doing less and less physical activity. In an effort to reverse this trend, we came up with SportAnalytik. The programme is aimed at motivating children to take up sport and discover the joy of movement. To that end, we believe choosing the right sport is hugely important for each child’s sporting development. But SportAnalytik is less about turning children into professional athletes and more about encouraging children to get active, to embrace the great outdoors and breathe in the fresh air. Above all, we want to give children all over the world the opportunity to fall in love with sport!

Jan Brezina & Martin Jahoda
Founders of SportAnalytik


SportAnalytik showcasing for Xscape Center in the United Kingdom

Olympic week – Lausanne

SportAnalytik showcasing at the IOC week in Switzerland


Bewegungs-checks sollen Kindern Spass am Sport vermitteln

ASB New Zealand

Company aims to match kids up to sport they would excel in

Asian launch Singapore

Czech company uses big data to test children’s sports talent in Singapore


Founder of SportAnalytik in an interview for DVTV