Our vision

We believe that every child has their own set of strengths, whether it be endurance, flexibility, coordination, speed or balance. Identifying these natural talents at a young age can provide a child with the motivation, confidence and direction to pursue a healthy and active lifestyle for many years to come.


We came up with the SportAnalytik Assessment™ programme to spark the passion for sport in every child. Our methodology was developed in close partnership with leading sports scientists at the Faculty of Physical Education and Sport at Charles University in Prague.

Your child performs 9 simple physical tests involving disciplines such as running, jumping and throwing.
The measurement is condusted by professional coaches during a SportAnalytik sports day.
We compare your child’s results with over 1 million results from other children of the same age and gender.
We give you a breakdown of your child’s natural sporting strengths (SportAnalytik Talent Report™).
Finally we recommend the 5 most suitable sports for your child (SportAnalytik Sport Report™).

Testing child's motoric skills, somatotype and tacticas skills by 9 tests


Standing Jump


Action: From a standing position, bend your knees and jump forward as far as you can.
Skill: Explosive power and strength in the lower limbs.

One-leg stand


Action: With hands on hips, raise the non-supporting foot to rest against the standing leg and hold the position for as long as you can.
Skill: Balancing in a set position for a period of time.

Basketball throw


Action: Sit with your back and shoulders against a wall and throw a basketball or ball of similar weight as far as you can.
Skill: Upper body strength in the arms, shoulders and chest.

500-metre run


Action: Run a distance of 500 metres without stopping.
Skill: Aerobic fitness and cardiovascular endurance, exercising for an extended period without tiring.

30-metre sprint


Action: From a starting position sprint over a distance of 30 metres.
Skill: Speed over a set distance.

Sit and reach


Action: In a seated position with legs extended, reach your arms forward as far as you can.
Skill: Flexibility in the muscles of the back and lower limbs.

Stick movement


Action: Hold a stick in both hands behind your back and step over the stick one leg at a time. Next, lie on your back and raise your knees to elbow height with your feet beneath the stick. Move your legs over the stick and return to a standing position.
Skill: Coordination of body parts to perform specific movements.

Height prediction


Remove your shoes and stand straight with your back against a wall. Measurement (in cm) should be taken using a measuring tape and ruler.

Flag game

Tactical skills

Action: In the marked area, try to take as much flag as possible to your opponents while losing as little flag as possible.
Skill: Effectiveness of decision making and evaluation of changing situations.

Two Instant Reports

We compare your child’s performance with over 1 million results already entered into our database. Over 500,000 children have completed the SportAnalytik programme in more than 20 countries worldwide.

SportAnalytik Talent Report

Comparative skills analysis of your child’s results across 8 physical ability tests.
Percentile rank system used to evaluate each skill, e.g. a rank of 75% means your child performed better than 75% of children of the same age and gender.
Identification of natural talents based on the 4 main sport types + your child’s results.

SportAnalytik Sport Report

Recommended top 5 sports (from 60+ Olympic sports) for your child based on natural talent.
SportAnalytik Index™ranks each sport as a percentage in order of suitability.
Deep-dive analysis of two sports pre-selected by both parent and child for more detailed evaluation.